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I have been writing since I discovered I could in Grade One—mostly poems and personal essays. In Grade Three I earned accolades from my teacher for my use of the comma. Little of note happened since then in my writing career until I retired from teaching and decided to write a novel. When not hiking, birdwatching, snowshoeing, working in my yard, reading or volunteering, I write.

Update for the Time of Covid – 2021.04.04

Because I am in a high-risk group (old) I adhered to Covid 19 health guidelines, considering them mandatory even when many were still suggestions. I stayed home with my cat, Max, leaving the house only for essential shopping (groceries and wine) and occasional keep-your-distance hikes with friends. I did not, like so many, tackle house cleaning projects. I did spend time thinking about housework, for a week or two. But no one was coming to visit and Max isn’t fussy.

So that left me lots of time to advertise Tomorrow on social media, update my webpage and write.

Like most authors I know, I am terrible at sales. I am on Facebook, but have added nothing to my author page in more than a year. My dilemma: in the middle of a pandemic, how do I promote a book about the aftermath of a pandemic? More an excuse than a dilemma, I admit.

I have written a lot since March, 2020: finished the first draft of my second novel, revised the first third of the book, wrote a lot of poetry, wrote letters to politicians about inane decisions being made in the province of Alberta, and fine-tuned recipes for an upcoming cookbook, Recipes from Martha’s Kitchen.

And, today, I opened my webpage and added this.


My first novel, Tomorrow, is  published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing .

A favorite quote:


Writing fiction is like remembering what never happened. – Siri Hustvedt

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